Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shows soon!

Next week we have two shows (oh fuck). And thanks to our stupid Bass Player we have no rehersal tonight...

But all is well, we're actually very preparred and we needed the time to do some recording! we have gone over the set a few times recently and its been pretty good, the big issue is, who the heck is going to come? Friday night should be alright because its a friday and people aren't sleeping on friday nights, but for Wednesday nights show, i don't really like our chances of getting an amazing crowd. But you know if you're keen for an intimate encounter with SM then go for it. Sam put some shirt designs in the blog on our myspace, i'll see if i can put them up at the end of this blog.

In other news.. Not much, its been a pretty hectic yet quiet week for Sierra, were trying to finish off three songs to have ready just crap demos but they're sounding good so far, thats a plus!


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Good news is...

- We got ANOTHER new song up on Myspace now
- 500 plays today! (Best We have had so far)
- Almost 50,000 views
- Tom is amazing

Bad news...

- Song writing is such a difficult and complicated process when there is 5 people involved
-Lack of motivation causes me much anger
- I have a University assignment due in two days and trying to do that, work and deal with this circus is almost impossible

But positivity is they key!

Truth is i just really want to start making a living out of this.

I think we have good songs, and we are all amazingly attractive so why aren't we famous yet?

oh well.. time i suppose.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Street Team & Recent Happenings

I thought it would be nice to set up a little online street team for the band, as it is the digital age and we're really not doing much to go digital as a band.

In good news we FINALLY put a new track up on our myspace, make the most of it because as you know it doesn't happen much but hopefully we will change that in the future and start putting new tracks up every few months or more.

So yeah this street team is something i hope will take off, by using the passion that some fans have for the band we can attempt to grow as a band and get ourselves noticed as a band both in Australia and also right around the world.

If you are interested check out our myspace for details or just send an email to and give us your Myspace, and first name. Then we will send details.

In other more exciting news we have two shows coming up next month and hopefully... i mean HOPEFULLY there will be another all ages show not too long after that, most probably down in the shire but if anyone knows where else we can play one TELL US NOW! Its not we don't want to play them, i wish more than anything i could start reaching more of our fans!

Ok thanks for the read.


Monday, August 18, 2008


We're back in the studio rehersing tonight, trying to get some of the new songs down and ready to put them into the set, hopefully it will create a new and much more interesting live sound for us, Richie has to get his hands on a laptop and a keyboard so we can start playing with synths live and get them to come out stereo!

It's also been a few weeks now since we have run through the set, actually since our last spectrum show so it wil be interesting to see how me and the rest of the boys have retained the set to see if we can pull it off without having run through it in about two weeks.

What i am most worried about at practice though is that indiana jones pinball machine is working again, or at least the new terminator one is there, as a bit of a background Sierra Montana spends about 50% of rehersal time rehersing and about 50% trying to beat Richies amazing 666,000,000 score on pinball.

The Best Pinball Ever!


So sam has been doing some amazing work recently, writing some songs which i think are about 10 steps above what we have ever written before.

Finally we all have access to reason to write our own parts with so now we can share stuff and the song writing process can now become much more intricate and we can all become more involved.

So Sam sent us two demo's to write parts to and we're slowly getting through it, hopefully it wont be too long before we get it all together and start putting these on a CD!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fucking Music Industry

So this is my first post, i thought i would create a blog that talked about the music in my life, mainly (for now anyway) that is the band Sierra Montana.

So where are we at now...

Well it seems that we are in the same place as we have always been, writing songs and playing shows to the few over 18 people who seem to have an interest in the band. I think it is literally impossible to play and All Ages show in Sydney these days, as hard as we try there is just nobody willing to put on good All Ages shows and to be completely honest with you its killing our fanbase because everybody just gets sick of waiting to see us.

So our future? Who knows! your guess is as good as mine, but we have been starting to get ourselves organised to do some reasonable recordings at home finally and we actually finishes a new track yesterday that sounds great.

So while i say we are stuck in the same old spot of just writing and playing shows, the advantage is that the shows we are playing are of much better quality and the songs we have written recently are the next level or maybe even two above what we have been writing previously!

Ok so who knows if i will ever post here again, but it was fun.


Oh and if you want to check out the stuff i do