Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still.... writing.


This process is starting to take a toll on me, strangely enough because really im not the person doing most of the work. Its Sam, Sam and Richie because they somehow began taking responsibility for the two main parts of the song (vocals and backing respectively) there is lots of pressure on those guys. But its hitting me as well, i try to be involved with every step of every song (as we all do) but with 5 rowdy boys at Sam's place while he does vocals it doesn't get any eaiser. So helping Sam, helping Richie and then writing the most amazing killer bass lines is not easy.

I have come to quite a confusing point in my journey as a bass player.. i play day in day out but i don't feel i am improving, even though i know there is lots of improving that needs to be done, timing perfection, rhythm, sheet music and then writing bass lines that can successfully stray from richies root notes without killing the songs.

So what do i do next? I was thinking lessons, but the issues there is money, lessons cost lots.. i have none so thats a dilemma, maybe i need to spend more time listening to other peoples bass work rather than my own? and grab idea, i know thats how i did it earlier in my bass playing journey.

Anyway i will keep you guys updated with how it travels but wish me luck in making something good!

Matt Montana

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