Monday, November 10, 2008

Writing and Recording.

Sorry for the long time since the update guys,
Uni exams and a whole lot off work have had me pretty much out of service for the past few weeks.

That being said, we are making some decent progress on our next few tracks. Last night we wrote up a listing of what songs we want to achieve and when we want to achieve them by.

Luckily we have a whole heap, the trouble is actually getting them done. But as a taste here are the next few...

1. 1985
2. Slow Motion Cowboy
3. Dance Along
4. Nothing Could Go Wrong

A few of these we have played at shows but were giving them all a good re-working so they sound fresh and how we want our music to now.

I know we havent been keeping you guys very updated. But soon we will have some demo's for you to listen to.

Maybe even an acoustic version of headlights to download.



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