Monday, August 18, 2008


We're back in the studio rehersing tonight, trying to get some of the new songs down and ready to put them into the set, hopefully it will create a new and much more interesting live sound for us, Richie has to get his hands on a laptop and a keyboard so we can start playing with synths live and get them to come out stereo!

It's also been a few weeks now since we have run through the set, actually since our last spectrum show so it wil be interesting to see how me and the rest of the boys have retained the set to see if we can pull it off without having run through it in about two weeks.

What i am most worried about at practice though is that indiana jones pinball machine is working again, or at least the new terminator one is there, as a bit of a background Sierra Montana spends about 50% of rehersal time rehersing and about 50% trying to beat Richies amazing 666,000,000 score on pinball.

The Best Pinball Ever!

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