Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shows soon!

Next week we have two shows (oh fuck). And thanks to our stupid Bass Player we have no rehersal tonight...

But all is well, we're actually very preparred and we needed the time to do some recording! we have gone over the set a few times recently and its been pretty good, the big issue is, who the heck is going to come? Friday night should be alright because its a friday and people aren't sleeping on friday nights, but for Wednesday nights show, i don't really like our chances of getting an amazing crowd. But you know if you're keen for an intimate encounter with SM then go for it. Sam put some shirt designs in the blog on our myspace, i'll see if i can put them up at the end of this blog.

In other news.. Not much, its been a pretty hectic yet quiet week for Sierra, were trying to finish off three songs to have ready just crap demos but they're sounding good so far, thats a plus!


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