Sunday, September 7, 2008

From concept to creation in... 20 Hours!

Well yesterday we shot a music video, but it was the most random spontaneous thing that we have ever done...

So it was 8PM Friday, and we all get a message from Richie "are you guys free tomorrow?" luckily we were and his mate had a whole stack of video equipment he had hired and nothing to do with it that day so he asked if we wanted to shoot a video, so of course we said yes, i mean what an opportunity a free video clip!

Its not like its a shit one either (although we are yet to see the finished product) from what we saw on the monitors while we were filming it was very good.

Have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Rashelle my friend who did our make up for free at the very very very last minute. So we had a location all set to go in crows nest until we found we had no access so the mission was on to try and find somewhere to shoot it!
After much searching around the shire, when all hope was lost we pulled into my basement and noticed the visitors carpark had some very good lighting and a very good backdrop to do some filming with. So Nate our very very good producer/cameraman/lights/filmcrew/driver man came and set up all the gear, all of this was very confusing expecting to see a movie star setting up behind the camera or something.

We started shooting at around 1PM on saturday morning and after everyone had done their individuals and Sam had done his little solo bit we finished up shooting at 7PM!

Talk about a whirlwind adventure of a day. in less than 24 hours we had finished shooting an entire video clip.

The question is now... what can we do with it!


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