Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sierra Updates Via Twitter!

As you might have seen on the Sierra Myspace, we have set up a Twitter account ( and i have finally set it up so that i can contact the twitter account via my phone, so we will keep posting short Sierra updates on a regular basis via Twitter, i may even also see how it goes sending a text while we are on stage giving an update on how well.. or not so well the show is going! I must say it was quite the task to set it up from australia because i had not clue when i had confirmation to send text but anyway we are there now!

anyway thought this was an interesting way of communicating with fans and critics alike!

so make sure you check it regularly, i'lll post a link on the side here and the is also a link on the Sierra myspace as i mentioned earlier its the big blue T!


Ps - I will give an update on Saturdays show if i get some time at Uni today!

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