Monday, September 22, 2008

gweyneville on Saturday.

Hey guys, we played at the magnificient Relay for Life down near wollongong! i must say we had an amazing day, let me run you through it...

So, i woke up about 20 Mins away from home at 7:10, then i quickly drove home got there at 7:30, ran upstairs got some clothes to take with me and struggled by myself to get my stupidly heavy amp into the back of my my car. Realising i had some spare time to get to Sam's at 8:30 i went for a detour to Mcdonalds breakfast being the first time in about a year i have been up early enough with enough spare time to eat it! me and Tom got to Sams and then we quickly went over to Richies as he had just arrived home after a rushed plane ride from queensland as he was filling in for another band! We took off in a four car convoy as dave was already down there setting up. Tom and cass (Richies driver) took off and left me and Sam in smoke which is never a positive as i was following Sam now and he has zero sense of direction, even with the assistance of a GPS. At the top of Mount Ousley we saw richie and tom pulled over, and almost crashed pullling into the same rest stop again, somehow after we took off together from there we lost them in the 10 minuites to the venue, and of course that means me and sam were left driving around in circles. We arrived after much confusion and drove through crowwds to park our can in the venue and loaded our gear backstage, it was a very nice day down there but hot, we did a few laps of the relay as it started up and cheered on Jordie a goood mate of ours as he was an ambassador (sp?) on stage. I had a wildberry ICEE and richie enjoyed and apple flavour to keep out of the heat, we signed up to get some cool relay for life shirts wwe got on the hot stage and after some more fun technical difficulties we got started, played headlights without an acoustic guitar (well covered by Tom) and the on-stage bass was in and out (i think my head might be fucked which makes me very angry) Anyway, we wrapped up teh set and got a very warm welcome from all who came to watch!

After not long we headed on the long road home and i had the joys of going to work!


Sam with the fans
Sam With Fans

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