Friday, September 12, 2008

Last night...

Last nights show was a comedy of errors to say the least, i arrived at 5:55 because the band was SUPPOSED to be there at 6. but after waiting 20 mins i called around and found out sam was still in the shire, Tom/Richie were still yet to leave and we had not heard from Dave, seeing as we were in leichardt i thought i would get some dinner so i had a very nice europa pizza (this will become relevent later) After getting back to the venue, it was 7:20, Sam was there, and dave had arrived sound check was in 15 mins and the boys were no-where to be seen. I was getting very worried but in true Sierra style Richie and Tom came running in about 5 mins AFTER we were due to do our sound check, which did mean that it was cut short but at least we got something. The turn out was not incredible but it was something, mainly friends. So we started the set... first song was fucked because my bass was cutting in and out throughout (mainly out) so my frustration almost drove me to give up, but after a change of instrument cable we were back on track.

The rest of the set continued without too much of a hitch, the backing tracks were playing up slightly but the venues PA was just a joke so no fault of ours. Now me and Dave still being sick probably didn't help our playing quality but it was decent. During Slow Motion Cowboy, the last song of the set, tom decided he would go just a little too wild and he fell over and popped his knee out of joint. Of course i found this absolutely hilarious and it turns out funny things can fast become not very funny at all when you are sick with the flu, mostly because you start coughing, and with how i have been feeling, coughing quickly turned into me running to the side of stage pushing past 5 people in the bathroom and losing my beautiful europa pizza to the bottom of a toilet bowl, after spending about 5 minuites throwing up and coughing up copious amount of mucus i decided i was going home early.

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