Friday, August 22, 2008

Street Team & Recent Happenings

I thought it would be nice to set up a little online street team for the band, as it is the digital age and we're really not doing much to go digital as a band.

In good news we FINALLY put a new track up on our myspace, make the most of it because as you know it doesn't happen much but hopefully we will change that in the future and start putting new tracks up every few months or more.

So yeah this street team is something i hope will take off, by using the passion that some fans have for the band we can attempt to grow as a band and get ourselves noticed as a band both in Australia and also right around the world.

If you are interested check out our myspace for details or just send an email to and give us your Myspace, and first name. Then we will send details.

In other more exciting news we have two shows coming up next month and hopefully... i mean HOPEFULLY there will be another all ages show not too long after that, most probably down in the shire but if anyone knows where else we can play one TELL US NOW! Its not we don't want to play them, i wish more than anything i could start reaching more of our fans!

Ok thanks for the read.


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